[OneSubsea] Horizontal Subsea Tree Systems

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[OneSubsea] Horizontal Subsea Tree Systems

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Industry-standard, cost-effective systems for shallow and deep water

Since the development of the SpoolTree horizontal subsea tree system in 1994, we have installed more than 1,000 systems, making this design an industry standard. Horizontal systems are available for 10,000-psi shallow-water environments and 10,000-psi and 15,000-psi deepwater environments.


  • Uses valves located horizontally to the side of the spool
  • Enables tubing completion and workover activities to be performed under full BOP protection, reducing rig times
  • Eliminates the need for a dual-bore workover and completion riser system
  • Allows the tubing hanger to be pulled without removing the tree
  • Provides a standardized tree solution for multiple fields because of its universal design
  • Offers the lowest initial capex
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