[UAE] Fujairah Oil Terminal

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[UAE] Fujairah Oil Terminal

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Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC​​ (FOT) is a world class 1.177 million cubic meters onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah, which is located in the United Arab Emirates outside the Straits of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean. FOT is an independent third party storage terminal, owned by a group of shareholders including the government of Fujairah and store Crude oil, Fuel oil, Gasoil and Gasoline. The storage facility meets international standards, and attracts independent major & national oil companies to lease and utilise the facilities on a long-term sustainable basis.

Capacity 1.177 million cubic metres.

Tanks 36

Products Crude oil, Fuel oil, Gasoil and Gasoline.

Activity Third party independent storage, make bulk, break bulk.​

Other services Blending and circulation, heating, additive injection.

Jetties Port of Fujairah has world class jetties to accommodate all types of vessels starting with a small barge (3000 DWT) all the way up to a large VLCC (300,000 DWT).

FOT offers highly valued services including:

• Loading and discharging of barges, vessels for refined products and (partially laden) very large Crude carriers (VLCC's) for Crude oil

• Deep draft jetties (up to 25 meters) operated by the Port of Fujairah

• Blending, storage and supply of Fuel oil bunkers for IMO 2020, Crude oil, and clean products

• Inter terminal and inter tank transfers

• High speed centrifugal and PD pumps, tank/pipeline stripping pumps

• Pigging and stripping of product group dedicated lines to jetties

• Heating and homogenizing of product in tanks

• Additive injection

• Tax free zone in the bonded area

Fujairah started out as an oil hub mainly for bunker fuel in the mid-90s and the activity has been growing ever since, to the extent that Fujairah is now the second-largest bunkering hub in the world after Singapore. The strategic location of the Port of Fujairah is certainly extremely advantageous to Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC (FOT), as Fujairah being the only one of the seven Emirates of the UAE, to lie wholly outside the Persian Gulf, on the Indian Ocean side of the Strait of Hormuz. This unique location provides easy access to a corridor out of the Persian Gulf that bypasses the Strait of Hormuz in case of any geopolitical tension. Therefore, Fujairah grew very quickly from a humble bunkering location, into a world class hub for refined products trading and strategic Crude storage location. This is translated in the increased number of vessels and throughput served by our terminal and the port of Fujairah, especially over the last four years.

The increased competition in Fujairah Market over the past 8 years has turned the table around from a monopoly to a buyer's market. This only meant that service, reliable infrastructure and experienced staff play a major role in keeping the terminal at a high utilization rate rather than just a brand name or price.

Contango in the Crude market is a small fraction of the market in Fujairah. Traders in the recent years focus more on sustainable business models, covering market shortages or strategic storage, making bulk and also serve niche market
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