[Brazil] 26 Platforms to be decom in the next 5 years

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[Brazil] 26 Platforms to be decom in the next 5 years

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Petrobras has defined a green model for the destination of their platforms to be decommissioned. The forecast is that there will be 26 in the next five years and the company wants to become a global reference in this activity, with a focus on sustainability, safety and care for people and the environment.

Decommissioning is part of the life cycle of a production system and consists of a set of activities associated with the definitive interruption of the operations of a platform and associated equipment, when opportunities for extension or maintenance of production are exhausted. The new policy will be applied as of this year for the allocation of all Petrobras' own floating platforms scheduled to be decommissioned, starting with the P-32, with production already interrupted. The P-32 is located in the Marlim field, in the Campos Basin, which is undergoing a revitalization process, with investments of US$18 billion.

“The work, carried out throughout 2022, sought to ensure the application of environmental and human rights rules throughout the entire supply chain, as well as to guarantee the proper final destination of materials arising from decommissioning, in line with the best practices in the industry and to the principles established in the UN's International Charter of Human Rights, with a focus on sustainability and the guarantee of a sustainable destination", says the executive manager of Production Development Projects at Petrobras, Mariana Cavassin Paes.

The opportunities for improvement identified during the work resulted in the adoption of a Green Recycling Policy for vessels, which provides for:

- Implement actions to minimize waste generation, prevent impacts on biodiversity, as well as reuse equipment and encourage the circular economy;

- Requiring recycling in shipyards equipped with a dry dock or impermeable land with a drainage system;

- Previously inventory the existing materials on the vessel in order to ensure the proper preparation of a recycling plan by the shipyard;

- Recycle the fleet of vessels safely, protecting the environment and people working in the recycling yards;

- Consider quality certificates, requirements of the European Union Ship Recycling Resolution nº 1257/2013 in the case of international shipyards and/or, in the case of Brazilian shipyards, operating licenses and compliance with legislation, rules and regulations on the environment, safety and applicable workers' health, including management of subcontractors; It is

- Act in accordance with the commitments to which Petrobras is a signatory, including measures to control corruption and respect for internationally recognized human rights;

With this policy, the company expands its control over the recycling of its units, reinforcing the guarantees that the activity takes place in line with the best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices of the world industry, with a focus on value creation, sustainability, safety and respect for people and the environment. Petrobras' strategic planning foresees the contribution of US$ 9.8 billion in decommissioning activities in the period 2023-27.
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