Brazil achieved new record in Oil and Natural Gas Production in 2022

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Brazil achieved new record in Oil and Natural Gas Production in 2022

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In the year 2022, the average annual production of oil and natural gas was a record. Oil was 3.021 million barrels/day (bbl/d), 2.47% above the record set in 2020, when it reached 2.948 million bbl/d. Natural gas production in the year reached an annual average of 138 million cubic meters per day (m³/day) in 2022, surpassing by 2.98% the mark of 134 million m³/day, observed in 2021.

As for the month of December 2022, total production was 3.955 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), of which 3.074 million bbl/d of oil and 140.14 million m³/d of natural gas. In oil, there was a reduction of 0.7% in comparison with the previous month. In comparison with December 2021, there was an increase of 8.3%. In natural gas, production fell 0.2% compared to November and rose 6% compared to the same month of the previous year.

Both the monthly data for December and the annual data for 2022 are available in the Monthly Bulletin of Oil and Natural Gas Production. In addition to the traditional publication in .pdf, it is possible to query bulletin data interactively using Business Intelligence (BI) technology. The tool allows the user to change the reference month for which he wants information, in addition to different selections of periods for consultation and specific filters for fields, states and basins.


Production in the pre-salt layer in December was 2.986 million boe/d and corresponded to 75.5% of Brazilian production. 2.347 million bbl/d of oil and 101.56 million m³/d of natural gas were produced through 135 wells. There was an increase of 0.7% in relation to the previous month and 10.2% in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

Use of Natural Gas

In December, the use of natural gas was 97.4%. 52.96 million m³/d were made available to the market and 3.71 million m³/d were burned. There was an increase in burning of 1.5% compared to the previous month and 11.4% compared to December 2021.

Origin of Production

In December, offshore fields produced 97.6% of oil and 84.3% of natural gas. The fields operated by Petrobras, alone or in consortium with other companies, were responsible for 91.15% of the total produced. Production occurred in 5,955 wells, 499 offshore and 5456 onshore.

Fields and Facilities

In December, the Tupi field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt, was the largest producer of oil and gas, registering 837.92 thousand bbl/d of oil and 39.11 million m³/d of natural gas .

The facility with the highest oil production was FPSO Carioca (Mv-30), which produced 172,000 bbl/d in the Sépia, Sépia Leste and Sépia Eco fields. The one with the highest natural gas production was the FPSO Guanabara, having produced 9.41 million m³/d of natural gas in the shared Mero deposit.
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