Rubicon Vantage

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Rubicon Vantage

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Rubicon Vantage is a double-hull floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel with a hydrocarbon production facility designed to receive well fluids, separate and stabilise the produced crude and store the stabilised crude in the FPSO's cargo tanks, treat and discharge the produced water and flare the produced gas.

Rubicon Vantage is also equipped with a water injection module to treat and pump sea water or produced water for disposal or reservoir pressure maintenance.

A tandem mooring system and floating hose arrangement facilitates crude cargo transfer to customer tankers.

Converted to an FPSO in 2007/8, the Rubicon Vantage is currently on-station at Wassana Field, offshore Thailand, operating as an FSO (with the process facilities bypassed) and maintaining station via a conventional single point mooring system (CALM buoy).
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