Krisenergy Rossukon Field

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Krisenergy Rossukon Field

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Successful Rossukon drilling in 2015,
production area approved

G6/48 covers 371 sq km over the Karawake Basin on the western margin of the Pattani Basin in the Gulf of Thailand. Water depths in the area range from 60 metres to 70 metres.

The original Rossukon oil discovery was drilled in 2009. In March 2015, KrisEnergy drilled four exploration wells - Rossukon-2, Rossukon-2ST, Rossukon-3 and Rossukon-3ST - all of which successfully encountered oil and/or gas. A production area application for the development of the Rossukon accumulations was submitted to the authorities in June 2015 and approved in November 2015.

KrisEnergy holds a 30% working interest in the G6/48 reservation area and 100% working interest in the G6/48 production area, which contains the Rossukon oil development. The other partners in the G6/48 reservation area are Mubadala Petroleum with 30% and Northern Gulf Petroleum with 40%.

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Oligo-Miocene fluvio-deltaic sandstones

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