Drilling Automation

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Drilling Automation

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NOV Automation is a world-first drilling automation initiative designed to unite the surface and downhole environments. We’ve brought together the NOVOS™ reflexive drilling system, a suite of downhole tools and software performance applications from our eVolve™ service, and IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe to deliver full, closed-loop drilling automation. This is the future of well construction.

NOVOS is integrated into the rig’s base-level control system, using an imported well plan that describes desired drilling parameter ranges to automatically perform planned operations until total depth is reached. The eVolve technology suite includes downhole drilling dynamics tools that collect along-string data in real time and intelligent software applications at surface, which analyze the data and distribute demands to the rig’s control system to adjust equipment functions. Wired drill pipe acts as a technology enabler, delivering the collected data instantaneously from the downhole tools to the surface equipment and applications. Wired drill pipe effectively turns the lights on deep in the earth, allowing drillers to understand downhole dynamics with previously unheard-of clarity and address drilling dysfunctions, performance limiters, and HSE concerns.

Spud-to-TD Time Improved by 43% in Eagle Ford
Our client needed to significantly improve well economics without sacrificing rigsite safety. NOV improved drilling performance by using an automated drilling control system informed by high-speed downhole dynamics data.

Reservoir Access Extended by an Additional 15%
Our client's structurally complex wells required a complete understanding of the drilling environment. NOV safely increased ROP, gaining additional reservoir access and saving the drilling costs of one well.

NOV Automation

Efficient wellbore construction through optimized drilling and enhanced rig process control

Automation for the industry. Performance for your wells.

The oil and gas industry is on the precipice of momentous change, making drastic improvements to productivity, performance, and efficiency more possible than ever before. NOV is delivering the technology of the future now, driving powerful innovation and positive change that will propel your drilling operation to new depths.

Managing the performance of downhole drilling dynamics and surface operations presents unique challenges and opportunities. An optimal drilling program successfully merges the downhole and surface drilling environments to achieve impactful, consistent results—high-quality wellbores delivered safely and efficiently.

At NOV, it’s our job to understand the complex interfaces between the different components within the drilling and rig systems. We’ve combined high-speed downhole data with a comprehensive drilling model and a process controller to develop an advanced NOV Automation process. This provides the driller with an autopilot system that recognizes and adjusts to the downhole environment and consistently delivers an optimized well program. NOV Automation supports informed decisions that enhance on-bottom drilling performance, reduce invisible lost time and nonproductive time, and improve equipment reliability. This results in reduced well construction costs and consistent, repeatable performance without introducing risks to personnel or equipment.

Strengthen your rig fleet with more efficient drilling performance

The conventional drilling process is dependent on the experience of the driller. NOV Automation gives you the opportunity to capture lessons learned from well to well, apply improved processes and drilling parameters, and reduce the potential for human inconsistency in your drilling operations.

When our integrated automation system is deployed on your rig, the driller is free to coordinate and focus on the most important aspects of drilling—ensuring the safety of the crew and rig, maintaining an optimal downhole environment, and maximizing overall performance.

Our advanced process controller automatically repeats the steps involved with manual drilling, but those steps are now completed faster and with more consistency. The integrated system controls the drilling process and derives its setpoints from surface data, high-speed downhole data, and
a comprehensive drilling model, using accurate information that reflects the true downhole environment and allows the system to be run with less conservative safety margins. Throughout the drilling process, our drilling applications and software interface with the control system, providing real-time downhole dynamics data such as weight on bit, toolface control, cuttings monitoring, and downhole pressure management.

When the well is completed, the lessons learned can be automatically captured and the optimized well program is uploaded to the system where it will repeat the process. Through NOV Automation, your rig can drill close to its technical limit, applying proven drilling processes for consistent, repeatable performance.

NOV Automation: The future of drilling built on a history of success

NOV has built a presence in the oilfield based on the reliability and innovation of our products and technologies. As a manufacturer of rig surface equipment, downhole tools and systems, and completions equipment, NOV is uniquely positioned to deliver a fully integrated automation solution…and we’ve done that.

Our closed-loop downhole drilling system feeds high-speed drilling data into state-of-the-art autonomous rig controls, which optimize and control the well construction process for a cost-effective solution on your rigs or in your operations.

Delivering efficiencies from bit to crown to improve your overall performance

Our automated system combines controls, drilling systems, and software applications from our eVolve™ Optimization Service and NOV Operating System (NOVOS™) to deliver proven results. From a 42% reduction in spud-to-TD time in the Eagle Ford to an additional 15% of reservoir access in Norway, NOV is setting the standard for automation systems around the world.

NOV controls are designed to be fully configurable, expandable, and scalable across your rig fleet, reducing the time and cost of automation implementation when compared with mixed third-party controls and non-OEM equipment. NOV controls provide the driller with more data and real-time readings than any other controls in the industry, allowing you to analyze, comprehend, and improve your drilling performance. We’ve further revolutionized drilling process control through NOVOS, which is our advanced rig equipment control interface and automated drilling platform that allows custom applications specific to your drilling needs.

During the drilling operation, our eVolve downhole tools acquire pressure, dynamics, and MWD information, transmitting real-time data via the
ntelliServ™ high-speed telemetry network. Our tools acquire data at multiple positions in the drillstring, providing internal and annular pressure, temperature, rotation, and three-axis vibration information to determine the most efficient drilling parameters.

In addition, MWD data is streamed to the surface every second to help you achieve your directional drilling objectives. In addition to the NOVOS benefits, the acquired downhole data supports specific drilling software applications, enabling you to further optimize the drilling operation. Our drilling software uses the data to enhance wellbore understanding—from recommendations and data visualization to closed-loop control—improving operational efficiencies and reducing manual interpretation of drilling data.

The combination of NOVOS and eVolve drilling software provides the driller with a real-time tool set they can use to automatically adjust drilling parameters and implement steps of the drilling process. NOV Automation provides well construction teams with the information they need to continuously improve drilling performance without losing focus on other critical responsibilities
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