Riserless well intervention

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Riserless well intervention

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• Braided line
• Calliper survey
• Cement bond logging
• Choke changeout
• Coilhose
• Decommissioning
• DHSV repair
• Downhole seismic
• Gas lift changeout
• Gas lift valve

Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL)


The 7-3⁄8” Subsea Intervention Lubricator – 1,500 m (SIL) enables efficient and cost-effective riserless intervention or abandonment solutions for all subsea wells up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft) water depth.

The 7-3⁄8” Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL) is designed for single-trip deployment for tool strings up to and beyond 22 m providing excellent tractor and conveyance options in high deviation wells and longer gun runs where perforating new or existing zones is desirable.

Helix Well Ops SILs provide a potential cost-savings of 40% - 60% in comparison to using a drilling rig by greatly reducing mobilization time for life-of-well operations including wire line, logging, light perforating, zone isolation, plug setting and removal, and decommissioning.

The 7-3⁄8” SIL creates a system that gives access to large bore subsea assets in deeper water and the ability to perform coiled tubing or wireline operations.

The 7-3⁄8” SIL features an electro-hydraulic control system which provides a high level of redundancy and excellent reliability.

The Control system is integrated topside to Hydraulic/Grease generation and distribution systems as well as the Subsea system and third party subsea trees.
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