NOV 20K psi BOP

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NOV 20K psi BOP

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NOV 20,000-psi (20K) blowout preventer (BOP) are manufactured at NOV West Little York (WLY) facility! Standing over 57 feet tall and housing just under 4 miles of hard pipe and tubing in total, the NOV 20K BOP is the largest BOP stack ever built!

Designed kit for use in extremely high-pressure reservoirs and ultra-deepwater applications, the NOV 20K BOP is a wonder of modern technological innovation and sets a new standard for drilling equipment capabilities, safety, and reliability in the subsea pressure control space! With the recent delivery of two of these BOP stacks, we at NOV are proud to be the first to successfully engineer, manufacture, and deliver a stack of this immensity!

Featuring 108 ROV panels, a panel-mounted Emergency Hydraulic Back-Up System (EHBS), and controlled by the new RCX control pods electronics system, the NOV 20K BOP is designed to operate safely and efficiently in the most challenging of offshore conditions!
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