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[Singapore] Expats View

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Here in this thread, let's discuss about living and working in Singapore. Singapore is a major hub in Southeast Asia for literally every industry. The solid infrastructures, and the institutions and rule of law make it easy for foreign businesses to thrive and conduct activities here. This include the oil and gas companies, and its supply chain ecosystem. Having lived and worked here for a significant amount of time, I could say with high confidence that it is a country with high standard of living, and a nation in perpetual motion towards betterment.

No doubt with Trump presidency, globalization is sort of on the receding, same things happened here, plenty of xenophobia comments online though we cant say for sure if that reflect a 95% of the local population. Oil and Gas activities are currently on the low side of things, not that much projects even in the shipyards, some local office closures here involving drilling contractors and services providers. So yeah, time and time again, those old days are gone.

Would love to hear others' views and words about living and working here in Singapore
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