The Oil and Gas is a massive industry, its global supply chain and its giant footprints touch at least somewhere in our whole lives. Our presence is to spread our positive vibes, voices, and the energy back to the community and to do good.

We felt that the Oil and Gas Industry as a collective do not wield the same influence on mass media and social media as that of the Renewable Energy, and that could be crucial in terms of businesses sustainability and factual awareness to societies at large, and that is how we came up with the idea of uniting and voicing our perspectives to the world.

We knew that if something untoward happened in our industry, the scale and the implications could be massive, be it loss of personal life and or environmental damages. Fortunately, the industry has evolved far beyond simply the pursuit of profits. The industry has improved much along with the development of technology. For example, a more safety-and-environmental conscious mind has been distilled in newer generations and HSE has been one of the KPI in most, and if not all companies, from oil companies, to services and contractors.

We also felt that there is a lack of social media outreach whereby we could work with societies, businesses and governments at large, in order to help them understand our industry better.

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