Intermoor's SEPLA

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Intermoor's SEPLA

Unread post by escveritas » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:28 am

There is no other company which is more a specialist in Deepwater mooring technology than Acteon's Intermoor. The Technology has evolved in the last 20 years, and much of the industry's progress has been pioneered by InterMoor.

InterMoor's Industry Firsts

Current water depth record for conventional mooring off Brazil, 2,027 m - 2012

Current world record holder of conventional drilling rig mooring installation, 8,431 ft. (2,570 m) water depth - 2008

First permanent production facility polyester mooring (outside of Brazil) - 2003

First full drilling rig polyester and suction embedded plate anchor (SEPLA) mooring system - 2001

First test drilling rig polyester and SEPLA mooring installation - 1999

First test drilling rig suction anchor installation - 1996

First drag VLA installation (outside of Brazil) - 1994

Latest Developments

Game-changing acoustic release mooring connector, the Inter-M Release - 2018

First in-line electronic mooring line monitoring component: the Inter-M Pulse - 2011

Risk Assessment Software: MoorVision allows you to query the BOEM database to plan your next rig move in the Gulf of Mexico

To find out further, you could click on the link below for Intermoor's SEPLA brochure: ... -SEPLA.pdf

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