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NOV Subsea Water Injection technology

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:07 am
by escveritas

NOV had come out with new subsea technology, in what they claimed as disruptive. Now the produced water treatment system could be subsea thus saving some precious space onboard FPS

This is what they said:

The SWIT™ technology provides high quality water in areas that are essential for increasing sweep efficiency and avoiding reservoir souring. By creating a total subsea water flood system, increasing IOR possibilities beyond what is achievable by traditional topsides water injection systems, the SWIT Technology fills a technology gap.

The Seabox™ unit is our base disinfection and sediment settlement unit. The Seabox unit will encompass three different treatment processes. At the intake, the seawater passes through an electro chlorination grid where sodium hypochlorite is mixed into all of the passing seawater. Inside the Seabox unit, the seawater will be allowed to react with the chlorine for more than one hour. At the same time, particles larger than 15 micron will be settled out. At the outlet from the Seabox unit, a second electro chemical process producing hydroxyl radicals is used for final bacteria kill and to ‘decompose’ biological matters.

The current Seabox standard unit will treat 40 000 bpd of seawater and are operated and controlled by our proprietary control system. Other capacity units can easily be designed using our standard components. The unit has no moving parts and only the Treatment Unit of the Seabox unit needs to be replaced for maintenance at regular intervals. Typically every 4 years.

The SWIT Technology consists of different configurations, where the Seabox unit is the cornerstone for providing a fully disinfected water with the bulk part of particles removed. Combined with microfiltration and membranes, we provide completely particle free water, sulphate reduced of sulphate free water and low salinity water. Water qualities can be adapted to the reservoir-specific needs.

Re: NOV Subsea Water Injection technology

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:17 am
by escveritas

Here a picture showing the SWIT being installed